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Friday, April 3, 2020


By: eyestelllies

The moments move past so quickly, One moment I'm here next I'm there. Directions are givin and i can seem to follow.As my mind flows at a pace not even the speed of light can follow.Constantly punished for things I'm not sure are wrong.I've tried to listen and hear what you have said.The words just...

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Negative way of Tourism by aruntp

Written by: aruntp
Submitted on: 2009/03/27
Rating: 5/5 with 3760 views

Irrational Decisions and Policy making in Tourism Sector has lead to Sociological and Environmental Disaster; because each and every decisions and policies consider only the Money that can be accumulated in the way of profit. Tourism as a threat to Environment - Resorts and Hotels are installed in the core places of environmentally fragile areas such as beaches and mountains where numerous species of reptiles and birds which depend the landscape as their feeding grounds and to procreate their species. - Destruction of natural resources, evacuating dense woods, leading to isolation of numerous species from their home land. - Eco Tourism has created a great change in natural behavior in animals and other species in the area. - Wild fires and dumping toxic and organic wastes create misery to the species in the forests and water. - Contamination of natural environment could be seen else where, where tourism business is on the way. - Urbanization and shifting population for jobs creates more pressure to forests and its resources. - New waste materials dump around the area. - Changing landscapes, modifying the natural landscape for Tourism purpose has created havoc to many species, particularly insect species and reptiles like snakes, scorpions, lizards etc. - Stunning landscapes and sceneries are becoming just a memory in many places because of rapid modification and urbanization. - Air, land and water become polluted. The virginity of nature vanished for ever. - Selective trees and plants only survive. Sociological disaster resulting from Tourism - Man became more money motivated; - Ethnic culture has being modified and moved towards mixed culture; resulting in cultural degradation. - Man started to weigh everything and anything in money values instead of personal, cultural or humanitarian values and ethics. - Man became detached to natural environment, moving towards more materialistic activities. This resulted in environmental and natural habitat degradation. - Temples and related religious places are modified and started to function as business establishment converting age old practices and values for money. This lead to religious and cultural practice degradation. - Uniqueness of cultural and style of life vanished forming mixed style and cultural way of thoughts. - Concentration of population on tourism places gave immense stress to the surrounding area living people in all way whether in security, privacy or in the style of life. Land prizes hike; the cost of living became higher keeping them to check their earning day by day. - New diseases were introduced from far land. - New unhealthy practices related to prostitution, child sex and other unhealthy anti social practices started to prevail. Crime statistics showed a rapid increase. - Food culture changed, leading to new foreign tastes and new recipes where introduced. The old taste for food was modified or never existed. - Changing landscapes has created immense pressure to domestic animals to move around, restricting their freedom. - Organic and Inorganic wastes accumulated surrounding creating health hazards in surrounding areas. - Usage and style of communication of language changed, the unique behavior pattern once culturally bound has changed for ever.

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