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Friday, April 3, 2020

Sex and Murder Excerpt

By: Douglas Allen Rhodes

An Excerpt from: Sex and Murder

Copyright 2008 Douglas Allen Rhodes

All rights reserved, Wild Child Publishing.

(This excerpt contains some strong language and disturbing content. We do not recommend it for those under 18 years of age or for any one who is bothered by violenc...

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Eyes in the Back of My Head by erycalime

Written by: erycalime
Submitted on: 2008/07/11
Rating: 5/5 with 4107 views

I know you're not alone

even when you're gone

You leave without me

but someone else is in my seat.

Make the cover of the book beautiful

lots of pretty bright colors

so there's no need for me to open up and see

whats hidden beneath.

You're no wise man

You're no god

Its hard to hide it when

its larger than life itself

in plain sight.

What does you bad

you treat good.

What does you good

you destroy.

Who waits for you

is left behind

Whoever you follow

ran fast

left you lost with no track

I'll be good to you

til the end of time

I'll honor you

til your imaginary crown rusts

and fits your head no more

Always know when you can't see me

is when I see all.

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