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Friday, April 3, 2020


By: greengene

Food food give me food!
Food food give me food!
I want some food!
Gimmee some food!

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Eyes in the Back of My Head
By: erycalime

I know you're not alone

even when you're gone

You leave without me

but someone else is in my seat.

Make the cover of the book beautiful

lots of pretty bright colors

so there's no need for me to open up and see

whats hidden beneath.

You're no wise man

You're no god

Its hard to hide it when

its larger than life itself

in plain sight.


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By: shwagman

summer is too damn hot summer is too damn bright bring on the dark i need the night bring me the snow whit...

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Negative way of Tourism
By: aruntp

Irrational Decisions and Policy making in Tourism Sector has lead to Sociological and Environmental Disaster; because ea...

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Homeless Creatures
By: aruntp

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The Queen's Gambit - Chapter 1
By: Mark Lime

I was enjoying my day home from work in front of my computer.  Outside was extremely rainy.  It had been raini...

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